Guide to Operating Business with Shaward

  How to contact us the first time?  
  a. E-mail:
b. Phone: + 86 21 58349799
c. Fax: + 86 21 58343511
d. Contact person: Mr. Bell Xiao / Mobile: + 86 13311893771
d. Operating Office: 28th Taiqiao Road, E304, Jinqiao Export Processing Zone, Shanghai 201206, P.R.China
  Our response efficiency
  We respond to your request within 1 working day since receiving your email, fax or call. A sales representative is in the meanwhile appointed for close follow-up and ready to deliver you comprehensive sales service.  
  How to make your enquiry more efficient?  
  The effectiveness of our response depends on completeness and correctness of the information you provide us the first time. To receive a fast feedback as you expect from us, please make your inquiry contain as much of below information as possible for new RFQ (Request For Quotation):

a. Full description of the fastener(s) you inquire
b. Drawing(s) of the fastening product(s) marking all dimensions
c. Standard code if the fastener is of standard
d. Material requirement
e. Finish requirement
  How to get the best offer from us?  
  We always do the best offer against each enquiry from old or new customers. The following additional information you provide along with the enquiry would enable more favourable possibilities:

a. Annual consumption for each fastener
b. Sample approving progress
c. Your delivery schedule upon approval of sample
d. (For end-user)Project name, lasting life and place for building
  General Sales Conditions & Terms (GSCT)  
  The following GSCT is an essential part of all our offers on contracts relating to deliveries and services rendered to commercial customers. If the GSCT should not be available in print any customer should ask its sales representative in Shaward Industrial Asia Co., Ltd for official release.

Prior to acceptance we reserve the right to vary our offers. Any contract requires our acceptance in writing; whereby the execution of an order is deemed acceptance. Any variation, supplement or waiver of or under a contract or of any of the provisions of these Subpoena shall be valid in writing only.

Unless otherwise agreed expressly in writing, the prices are FOB China - do not include costs of international freight, insurance and value added tax.

The products are supplied according to purchaser's requirement of technical specification. They are available at our stock or available at the lead time which the purchaser has been informed of and agreed to.

All products have one year warranty by Shaward. In the event of justified claims relating to the quality of the goods delivered, we reserve the right, in our discretion, to either replace or repair the goods. If our repair fails to remedy the defects, or the replacement goods are defective, Purchaser shall be entitled in its discretion, to either make a setoff from the purchase price or to rescind the contract.


Purchaser shall submit all complaints, particularly those regarding the quality or quantity of the goods, to us in writing without undue delay, in any event not later than 5 working days from discovery of such defects.

Unless otherwise agreed expressly in writing, the payment shall be T/T method which is explicitly expressed in our offer, order confirmation and contracts.

We reserve the right to request a prepayment or security amounting to the purchase price if circumstances arise which could, in our discretion, endanger the collection of the purchase price. This request shall be made in writing. If Purchaser does not pay the prepayment or security within due time after such request, we have the right to rescind the agreement forthwith.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all goods are dispatched at the risk of Purchaser. We reserve the right to select the carrier and the routing. Partial deliveries are permitted.

If an agreed upon delivery date is not met by us, Purchaser has to set in writing a reasonable deadline for final delivery.


Place of delivery is our warehouse, our production plant or our OEM factories.

We are authorized to cover appropriate transport insurance on behalf and on account of the Purchaser in an amount at least equal to the invoiced value of the goods.

In the event of short deliveries, we shall, if reasonable, cover the shortage or grant credit for the respective amount.


If trade terms have been agreed originating from the International Chamber of Commerce (INCOTERMS), the INCOTERMS as set forth in its latest version under shall apply.


In the event of acts of God, such as fire, war, riots, pillage and natural catastrophes as well as of labour disputes and disruptions of transport or plant operations, directions by authorities, lack of energy or raw materials, or other difficulties beyond the control of the parties affecting either party during the term of a contract, all commitments arising from a contract shall be suspended for the duration and scope of the impediment. In each case the parties shall amicably agree if and to which extent suspended deliveries, if any, caused by Force Majeure shall be made up subsequently.


We can only be held liable for indemnification, on whatever legal grounds, up to the amount of the sales price of the respective goods, without regard to the value of precious metals contained therein. This applies in all cases of normal negligence and in case negligence is based on a legal presumption only.

This limitation of liability shall not apply in all cases of bad faith or gross negligence on our part, or on part of our legal representatives or our employees, or if the breached provision of the contract is essential for its performance, or if express warranties are not met. Furthermore, the foregoing limitation of liability shall not apply to our liability for personal injury or damage to private property under the German product liability laws or any other grounds for mandatory liability under P.R.China law.


Should any of these provisions be deemed wholly or partially invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.


Exclusive Place of Jurisdiction shall be for both parties Beijing, P.R.China.

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